If you are Completely new to the Inside-Out understanding and to Syd Banks’ materials, we strongly suggest that you start by browsing the site and seeing which of the materials appeal to you! Some titles may shout out to you louder. Follow your intuition.

If in doubt perhaps start by reading The Missing Link and listening to/watching the Longbeach Lectures:


Syd Banks


Syd Banks

We think that AUDIO is a great way to benefit.  We can recommend all of the Audio CD’s. Listening to Syd talk in person helps give the essence of the man and we find that listening on our Ipods a great way to absorb the information. 



In order to be able to teach the Inside-Out understanding to as deeper level as possible, it is our suggestion that you have listened to, watched and read all of Syd Banks’ materials.

We can never stop learning this.

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