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Sydney Banks 1931- 2009

Sydney Banks Books Innate Health Three Principles Store
Sydney Banks Books Innate Health Three Principles Store

Sydney Banks uncovered the Three Principles through a remarkable insightful experience about 40 years ago. The 3 Principles continue to help people from all walks of life worldwide achieve mental well-being. 

The Three Principles are also used alongside terms such as Health Realization, Innate Health, Inside Out Understanding. 

Syd Banks uncovered the Truth behind the human experience and found a way to articulate this through the Three Principles; Mind, Consciousness and Thought. The information is uniquely transferable in the hands of trained individuals and continues to be taught and shared in a growing movement that is changing lives forever. 

Sydney Banks was born in Scotland experiencing a poor upbringing and moved to British Columbia where he worked as a welder in a mill for 20 years having left school with little formal education.

His insight in to a way to achieve peace of mind came from a man who realized that his own insecurities were simply borne of his own thoughts.

This understanding quickly led to a deeper understanding where he was able to see a clear path that would lead humanity out of its current misunderstanding leading to a new paradigm about the human experience. 

Psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health experts and seekers were drawn to him from all over the world to his new home in Salt Spring Island where he would speak about his new findings which soon became known as the “Three Principles – Mind Consciousness and Thought”.

The uncovering of these Principles are being compared to the importance of the discovery that the earth is round and not flat, that the earth travels around the sun and the germ theory. 

The Principles teachings have been introduced in hospitals, social services, community housing, drug and alcohol prevention programs, schools, corporations and with countless individuals with unparalleled success. 

The “treatment” which involves no doing is experienced by ones’ own insights which come about by looking at the nature of Thought. Syd Banks was loathed to use corrective techniques and the healing comes simply yet almost miraculously by becoming more aware of the Truth behind the human experience. Practitioners of the education recommend reading and listening to the original materials of Syd Banks which are uniquely available as video and audio recordings. 

The cure is always the same because humans are suffering from the same misunderstanding on different levels. His work has proven the criticism of it being New Age untenable as the remarkable results are speaking for themselves. 

Syd Banks said in an interview with the Vancouver Sun in 2007 his psycho-spiritual insights add up to “the greatest breakthrough in the history of psychology and psychiatry.”  Time and further evidence is proving this statement to be true.

Sydney Banks Published the following Books and recorded the following Audios and DVDs:

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Dear Liza

The Enlightened Gardener

The Enlightened Gardener Revisited

In Quest of the Pearl

The Missing Link: Reflections on Philosophy and Spirit

Second Chance



Attitude! — CD

Great Spirit, The — CD

Hawaii Lectures – 2 CD set

In Quest of the Pearl — CD

One Thought Away — CD

Second Chance — CD

Washington Lectures – CD

What is Truth? — CD


Hawaii Lecture #1 – Secret to the Mind — DVD

Hawaii Lecture #2 – Oneness of Life — DVD

Hawaii Lecture #3 – The Power of Thought — DVD

Hawaii Lecture #4 – Going Home — DVD

Long Beach Lecture #1 – The Great Illusion — DVD

Long Beach Lecture #2 – Truth Lies Within — DVD

Long Beach Lecture #3 – The Experience — DVD

Long Beach Lecture #4 – Jumping the Boundaries of Time — DVD


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