Sydney Banks Uncovered the Three Principles which lead to Innate Health, Peace of Mind and Much More


Let’s get straight to the point here.

We’re likely talking about the single most important discovery about the human race……..the biggest misunderstanding ever that will have the greatest consequences.

Through his own spiritual experience through insights, Sydney Banks revealed the true nature of the human experience.

The effects of learning this information are truly miraculous and reveal themselves in many wonderful ways too long to list here.

The results are staggering and far reaching. 

We are blessed to have original recordings and information available to us without contamination from a man with so much useful information.



Sydney Banks Books Innate Health Three Principles Store
Sydney Banks Books Innate Health Three Principles Store

The profound truth behind these Principles discovered by Sydney Banks has been used to great and long-lasting effect over the last 40 years shifting communities, healing the mentally ill and depressed, transforming lives in prisons and with seekers from all walks of life worldwide.

It’s effective for people with past dramas or future fears and does not involve any analysis of the actual situations. 

If you prod and rub dirt in a cut it wont heal. The same is true for the mind. Calm the mind and you will hear the guiding intuition that is available to us all. We know it to be true if we really listen.