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Three Principles

Three Principles or 3 Principles uncovered by Sydney Banks also known as Syd Banks. The Three Principles reveal the true nature of the human experience through 3 Principles – MIND, CONSCIOUSNESS and THOUGHT The Three Principles are a constant and work all the time and always have done, just like gravity, whether we are aware […]

Tikun Innate Health Conference 2013

I was privileged to be asked to run the store at the back of the room at the Tikun Innate Health Conference 2013 in London. The conference saw over 400 people gather from most corners of the Globe and once again witnessed many of the most experienced speakers and practitioners of the Three Principles in […]

Sydney Banks Quotes

Sydney Banks Quotes: Syd Banks uncovered and articulated the Three Principles. These principles are also referred to as Innate Health, the Inside-Out way of thinking. Sydney Banks, well-known philosopher, author and lecturer was born in Scotland in 1931. For nearly 40 years, he lectured at universities and clinics in the United States, Canada and Europe, […]

Sydney Banks Innate Health Conference

For people interested in Sydney Banks’ 3 Principles for experiencing Innate Health we can strongly recommend the Innate Health Conference being held in London this June 2013. The event will again see the largest gathering worldwide of students and the most experienced teachers of the Principles. Whether you are new to the 3 Principles, or […]

Keith Blevens Three Principles in Depth Explanation

Keith Blevens Three Principles: This is one of the clearest explanations of Sydney Banks’s teachings. Thanks to www.innatehealth.co for sharing these videos of Keith Blevens   The Other Three Videos From Keith’s Talk have been kindly made available to us – Just follow the links below. Keith Blevens Seminar – Session 2 from www.innatehealth.co 2012 Keith Blevens Seminar […]