Three Principles

Three Principles or 3 Principles uncovered by Sydney Banks also known as Syd Banks.

The Three Principles reveal the true nature of the human experience through 3 Principles – MIND, CONSCIOUSNESS and THOUGHT

The Three Principles are a constant and work all the time and always have done, just like gravity, whether we are aware of it working or not. The Principles are changing the way the modern world looks at Psychology and Psychiatry, bringing back the spiritual side to the equation when looking at the human experience in addition to just behaviour.

Three Principles

People who are exposed to the teachings of The Three Principles begin to HEAR and SEE for themselves the familiar truth behind life. The effects of this are profound and lead to a calming down from personal thinking. This calmness allows new thought to enter and for people to experience their own insights in to life. The education involves no actual doing, no tools or techniques as realization comes from inside.

Syd Banks was mindful that the Three Principles were not his, but everyones’ and he was keen to not seek guru status, realizing that people who follow gave up their own power in doing so.

By explaining the Illusion of life as most of us know it through the 3 Principles, Sydney Banks found a way for others to share this information so that it has become transferable and helpful.

We are fortunate to have original recordings and film footage of Sydney Banks available to us in addition to his books which come to us in an uncontaminated version from a man with such original thought and insight.

All of his published works point to the same information of the Three Principles, just in different talks, parables and books.

Syd Banks Original works are available to people in the UK and Europe at

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