Tikun Innate Health Conference 2013

I was privileged to be asked to run the store at the back of the room at the Tikun Innate Health Conference 2013 in London.

The conference saw over 400 people gather from most corners of the Globe and once again witnessed many of the most experienced speakers and practitioners of the Three Principles in the world.

This year the Conference was blessed with the presence of Elsie Spittle, and welcomed Dr Mark Howard for the first time.

Tikun Innate Health Conference 2013

This was my second Conference and I can truly say that I received just as much from visiting a second time with a slightly deeper understanding of the Principles as I did when I was new to Syd Banks’s teachings.

I am grateful to Keith Blevens for introducing me to Sydney Banks’s wife, Judy and to understand from her some more about how her husband was so passionate and determined to get his message out to the World.

One customer shared with us that she bought a Sydney Banks book on Amazon UK which eventually turned up to be a used book via a US distributor . To her surprise she found a hand-written note on the inside cover which said something along the lines of: Dear Oprah, I hope that this reaches you and that you can share it with the World, With Love, Sydney Banks.
Remarkably, Judy Banks has apparently verified the writing to be Syd’s.

My underlying feeling was of more calmness and peace of mind leaving the conference, despite being quite busy and engaged with the shop for much of the three days.

More than that, though, my desire to help spread the original message of Syd Banks is burning even brighter. The information that he has given us has helped me to change my life and continues to do so and I know that the world desperately needs it and surely must be ready now.

My thoughts guide me to the distribution of the message, rather than to teaching and to staying as close to the source of the message as I can.

Thanks to everyone involved, to my shop helpers and to everyone with whom I met.



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