Define Output In Computer

Output in a computer system is generally the result of a computation or input/output operation. In most cases, output is displayed on a monitor, but it may also be printed on paper, stored in a file, or transmitted over a network.

The output of a computer system is usually directed to a specific destination, which may be a printer, a file, or the monitor. In some systems, the output can be redirected to any of these destinations, or even to a different computer system.

The output of a computer system may be controlled by special commands that allow the user to specify the type of output, the destination, and other options. For example, the command “type filename” causes the computer to output the contents of the file filename to the monitor.

In most cases, the output of a computer system is displayed in a fixed-width font, such as Courier. This makes it possible to align the output on the screen in a neat, orderly fashion.

What is called output?

Output is the result of a computer program or system, especially the result of a calculation or conversion. It can also refer to the signal or sound that is produced by a computer or other device.

What is output in computer simple words?

Output in a computer is the information or result that is displayed on the screen or sent to the printer. It is the final result of a computer program or operation.

What is output explain with example?

What is output?

Output is the result of a process or a calculation. It is what is produced by a system or machine.

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For example, a factory may produce output in the form of products. A worker may produce output in the form of a report. And a computer may produce output in the form of a document or a website.

In most cases, output is something that is created in order to fulfil a specific purpose. For example, a product may be created in order to be sold to consumers. Or a report may be created in order to provide information to a manager.

However, in some cases, output can also be something that is simply transferred from one place to another. For example, energy may be transferred from the sun to the Earth. Or data may be transferred from a computer to a printer.

Whatever the case may be, it is important to understand the purpose of the output and to ensure that it is meeting the required standards.

What is output and input device?

Output and input devices are important part of computer system. Output device is used to display information on screen or printer. Output device can be monitor, printer or projector. Monitor is most common output device. Printer is used to print documents. Projector is used to display video or image on screen.

Input device is used to enter information into computer. Keyboard and mouse are most common input devices. Keyboard is used to enter text into computer. Mouse is used to move cursor on screen and select options. Other input devices are touchpad, joystick, scanner and microphone.

What is input of computer?

In computing, input refers to the data that is entered into a computer system, for example, via a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, or scanner. The input is processed by the computer and the resulting output is displayed on the screen or printed out.

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There are a number of different types of input, including text, numbers, images, and audio. The type of input will depend on the application or program that is being used. For example, a word processing program will require text input, while a graphics program will require image input.

Most computer systems allow for more than one type of input to be entered at the same time. For example, text can be entered into a word processing program while numbers are being input into a spreadsheet. This is known as multi-tasking and it allows users to work on more than one task at the same time.

The amount and type of input that is required by a computer system will vary depending on the application. For example, a simple text editor may only require a person to type in the text they want to edit, while a more complex application, such as a photo editor, may require a person to select the files they want to edit from a folder and then make adjustments to them.

What is the meaning of output and input?

The terms output and input are frequently used in both technical and non-technical contexts. However, their precise meanings can be unclear to many people. In essence, output refers to the result of a process, while input refers to the resources used in that process.

In the most general sense, output can be defined as anything that comes out of a system. This could include physical objects, like products manufactured in a factory, or intangible results, like the amount of money generated by a business. In most cases, output is the result of a process that involves input.

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Input, on the other hand, refers to the resources used in a process. This includes both tangible and intangible elements. For example, the raw materials used in a manufacturing process would be considered input, as would the workers’ labor. In the case of a financial institution, the money deposited by customers would be input, while the money loaned out to borrowers would be output.

While output and input are often used interchangeably, it’s important to understand the distinction between them. By understanding the role that input and output play in a given process, it’s possible to optimize the process and improve the resulting output.

What is input in computers?

The term input in computing refers to the act of providing data to a computer system. In most cases, this data is entered into the system through some type of input device, such as a keyboard, mouse, or touch screen. The data can then be processed by the computer system and used to produce output, such as displayed on a monitor or printed out.

Input can be provided in a variety of ways, depending on the type of input device. For example, with a keyboard, the user typically types in the desired data. With a mouse, the user clicks on icons or buttons to select the desired data. With a touch screen, the user touches the screen at the desired location.

It’s important to note that input is not limited to text. The term can also refer to the act of providing data in the form of numbers, images, or other media. In fact, most modern computer systems can handle a wide variety of input types.