Dirks Bentley New Cd

Dirks Bentley has released a new cd! The cd is called ‘The Mountain’. It was released on June 8, 2018. The cd has 12 songs on it. Dirks Bentley wrote 9 of the songs on the cd. The other 3 songs were written by Tim Nichols, Josh Osborne, and Shane McAnally.

The cd was produced by Ross Copperman. The cd was recorded at the Sound Emporium in Nashville, Tennessee. The cd was mixed by Chris Lord-Alge. The cd was mastered by Ted Jensen.

The first single from the cd is called ‘Woman, Amen’. The second single from the cd is called ‘The Mountain’.

The cd has been getting great reviews. One reviewer said, ‘This is a stunning record from Dirks Bentley. It is one of the best records I have ever heard. It is a must-buy.’

I highly recommend that you buy the cd. It is a great cd.

Is Dierks Bentley working on a new album?

Rumors are swirling that country music star Dierks Bentley is hard at work on a new album.

The singer has not released a new album since 2017’s The Mountain, and many fans are eager for new music from Bentley.

While Bentley has not confirmed that he is working on a new album, he has been sharing some sneak peeks at what he has been up to in the studio.

In a recent post to Instagram, Bentley shared a short video of him playing the banjo and singing.

Fans are excited about the possibility of a new album from Bentley, and they are eagerly awaiting any news about the project.

What is Dierks Bentley’s new song called?

Dierks Bentley released his new song on Thursday called “Different For Girls.” The song is a duet with Elle King and is about how men and women can be different when it comes to love.

Bentley said that he was inspired to write the song after he saw how his wife reacted to a situation differently than he would have. He said that she is “stronger than any man I know” and that he wanted to write a song that showed that strength.

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The song has a strong country vibe to it and is a departure from Bentley’s usual sound. It is the first single from his upcoming album, which is expected to be released later this year.

“Different For Girls” is a song that is sure to strike a chord with listeners. It is a powerful song about the differences between men and women, and it is sure to become a hit with fans.

Who is touring with Dierks Bentley 2022?

Dierks Bentley is gearing up for his 2022 tour and he’s got some major stars joining him on the road! The singer just announced the lineup for his upcoming trek and it includes some of the biggest names in country music.

Some of the biggest names in country music will be joining Dierks Bentley on his upcoming tour. The singer announced the lineup on Tuesday and it includes stars like Miranda Lambert, Brothers Osborne and Ashley McBryde.

The tour will kick off on May 1st in Tulsa, Oklahoma and it will run through September. Dierks Bentley is definitely not playing it safe with this lineup – he’s got some of the biggest names in country music joining him on the road.

This is definitely going to be a tour you don’t want to miss. Tickets go on sale on January 24th, so make sure to mark that date in your calendar!

Why is Dierks Bentley Cancelled?

Dierks Bentley is an American country music singer and songwriter. He has released six studio albums, one extended play, and one live album. His first album, Desert Ridge, was released in 2003.

In early 2019, it was announced that Bentley’s 2019 tour, the Riser Tour, was cancelled. In a statement, Bentley said that the cancellation was due to “scheduling conflicts.”

While it is not clear what the exact reason for the cancellation is, some have speculated that it may have something to do with Bentley’s recent divorce from his wife, Cassidy Black.

Bentley has not commented on the speculation, and has not given any further explanation for the cancellation.

Fans of Bentley are sure to be disappointed by the news of the cancellation. The Riser Tour was set to be his largest tour yet, and was set to include dates in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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It is unclear if the tour will be rescheduled, or if refunds will be offered to fans who have already purchased tickets.

What is Bentley’s net worth?

What is Bentley’s net worth?

Bentley’s net worth is an estimated $2 billion.

Bentley Motors is a British luxury car manufacturer founded in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley. The company is now owned by Volkswagen AG.

Bentley’s net worth has grown significantly in recent years thanks to strong sales of its luxury cars. In 2018, Bentley sold a record 10,120 cars, up 7% from the previous year.

Bentley’s net worth is expected to continue to grow as the company expands its product lineup and sales continue to rise.

What is Dierks Bentley’s best song?

Dierks Bentley is a country music singer and songwriter. He is best known for his hits “What Was I Thinkin'” and “Settle for a Slowdown”. Bentley has released seven studio albums, and has charted more than 20 singles on the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts.

While Bentley has released many great songs over the years, his best song is undoubtedly “What Was I Thinkin'”. The song was released in 2003 as the lead single from Bentley’s debut album of the same name. “What Was I Thinkin'” reached number one on the Hot Country Songs chart and number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was written by Bentley and his frequent collaborator, Brett Beavers.

“What Was I Thinkin'” is a country rock song with a tempo of 132 beats per minute. The song is in the key of A major and Bentley’s voice spans from A 3 to D 5 . The song’s lyrics describe a young man who is in love with a girl who is not interested in him. The man is conflicted because he wants to be with the girl, but he knows that he can’t have her.

The song’s chorus is as follows:

“What was I thinkin’?

I was only thinkin’ of me

What was I drinkin’?

I was only drinkin’ for you

I was so drunk I couldn’t see

That you were just using me”

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The song’s instrumentation features electric guitars, drums, and bass guitar. The song’s guitar solo is played by Brent Mason.

“What Was I Thinkin'” is a great song because it is both sad and happy. The song’s sad lyrics are offset by its happy melody and instrumentation. The song’s chorus is very catchy and will likely stay in your head for a long time.

Bentley has performed “What Was I Thinkin'” at many of his concerts over the years. The song’s music video is also very popular. The music video was directed by Shaun Silva and it features Bentley performing the song at a bar.

“What Was I Thinkin'” is a great song and it is no wonder that it was a huge hit when it was released. If you are a fan of country music, then you should definitely check out this song.

Who is opening for Imagine Dragons 2022?

Las Vegas rock band Imagine Dragons is scheduled to begin a world tour in 2020, and the group has just announced the opening act for the North American leg of the tour. Folk-pop artist Lewis Capaldi will be opening for the band starting in September of 2022.

The 22-year-old Capaldi is a Scottish singer and songwriter who first came to prominence in 2017 with the release of his debut single, “Bruises.” The song was a hit in the United Kingdom, reaching the top of the charts. His debut album, “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent,” was released in May of 2019 and debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart.

Capaldi is a big fan of Imagine Dragons, and he’s excited to be opening for the band on their world tour. “I’m absolutely buzzing to be announced as the opening act for the North American leg of the Imagine Dragons world tour,” he said in a statement. “I’ve been a massive fan of the band for years so to be given the chance to share the stage with them is a dream come true.”

The North American leg of the tour is scheduled to begin on September 9, 2022, in Portland, Oregon, and will end on October 22, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia.