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One Ok Rock is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005. The band has released eight studio albums, one live album, one EP, and twenty-six singles. They reached the top 10 of the Oricon Albums Chart six times and have sold over 10 million discs overall in Japan.

In the spring of 2005, Taka, Toru, and Ryota, who all attended the same high school in Tokyo, decided to start a rock band. They posted a message on the popular Japanese website Nico Nico Douga, looking for a drummer. Takahiro “Taka” Moriuchi, then a high school student, responded to the message and became the band’s vocalist and guitarist. The original lineup was completed by Toru Yamashita on bass and Ryota Kohama on drums. The band name “One Ok Rock” came from Taka and Toru’s favorite phrase “One day, all this will be one ok rock,” from the movie Armageddon.

In an interview with Rockin’On Japan magazine in June 2013, Toru explained that the band’s name is derived from a famous phrase in the 1998 film Armageddon. “We went to see Armageddon and there’s a scene where Bruce Willis is up in space and he’s looking down at the Earth and he goes, ‘One day, all this will be one ok rock.’ We thought it was really cool and ended up using it as our band name.”

In the same interview, Taka stated that he wanted the band’s name to be something that would never be forgotten and would always be cool.

One Ok Rock released their first indie single, “Naihō” (泣ほう), in February 2006. They followed with “Yume Yume” (夢夢) in July. Their third indie single, “Re:make/No Scared”, was released in September and reached number sixty-eight on the Oricon Singles Chart.

After signing with Amuse, Inc. in 2007, One Ok Rock released their first major single, “Around the World/Yes I am”. The single reached number ninety-four on the Oricon Singles Chart. Their second major single, “Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer” (完全感覚Dreamer), was released in February 2008 and reached number six on the Oricon Singles Chart.

In October 2008, One Ok Rock released their first major album, Zeitakubyō (ゼイタクビョー). The album reached number two on the Oricon Albums Chart.

In 2009, the band released “Nicheシンドローム” (ニッチ・シンドローム), their first single in over a year. The single reached number nine on the Oricon Singles Chart.

In 2010, the band released two singles, “Answer is Near” and “Nobody’s Home”. “Answer is Near” reached number four on the Oricon Singles Chart and was used as the theme song for the movie Nankyoku Tairiku. “Nobody’s Home” reached number six on the Oricon Singles Chart.

In February 2011, the band released their second major album, Zankyo Reference (残響リファレンス). The album reached number one on the Oricon Albums Chart.

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In 2012, the band released the single “The Beginning” and the album Jinsei×Boku= (人生×僕=). The single reached number six on the Oric

IS One Ok Rock still making music?

One Ok Rock is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005. The band is made up of Taka (vocals), Toru (guitar), Ryota (bass), and Tomoya (drums). They released their eighth studio album, Eye of the Storm, in February 2019.

Despite having been together since 2005, the band has only released eight studio albums. This is likely due to the fact that One Ok Rock is a very busy band. In addition to their own music, they have also contributed to the soundtracks of several anime series, including Attack on Titan and Naruto: Shippuden.

One Ok Rock has continued to tour and release music since their formation in 2005. In February 2019, they released their eighth studio album, Eye of the Storm. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard Japan chart.

What is the genre of One Ok Rock?

One Ok Rock is a Japanese rock band formed in Tokyo in 2005. The band’s sound blends alternative rock and hard rock, and has been described as post-hardcore.

One Ok Rock’s first major success came in 2009, when their single “The Beginning” was used as the opening theme for the anime film Naruto: Shippuden the Movie. The band’s third studio album, 2010’s Zankyo Reference, reached No. 1 on the Japanese Oricon album chart. In 2012, the band’s single “Heartache” was used as the opening theme for the popular anime series Attack on Titan. The band’s fourth studio album, 2014’s Jinsei × Boku =, became their first to chart on the Billboard 200, reaching No. 11.

One Ok Rock’s music is usually described as post-hardcore. The band’s sound combines alternative rock and hard rock, drawing on elements of punk rock, emo, and metalcore. The group’s lyrics are written in both Japanese and English.

How many songs does One Ok Rock have?

One Ok Rock is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005. The band currently consists of Takahiro Moriuchi (vocals), Toru Yamashita (guitar), Ryota Kohama (bass), and Tomoya Kanki (drums). They have released six studio albums, three live albums, two EPs, and twenty-eight singles.

One Ok Rock has a large discography, with a total of 148 songs. This number includes both original songs and acoustic versions. Out of these, 136 are available on Spotify. 

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The band’s most popular songs are “The Beginning,” “Clock Strikes,” and “Mighty Long Fall.” These three tracks have all been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

Who wrote One Ok Rock songs?

One Ok Rock is a Japanese rock band that was formed in 2005. The band is made up of Taka (vocals), Toru (guitar), Ryota (bass), and Tomoya (drums). One Ok Rock has released eight studio albums, and has been very successful in Japan.

The question of who wrote One Ok Rock songs has been asked by many fans over the years. While the band has never revealed the names of the songwriters, it is known that Taka and Toru are the primary songwriters for the band. Taka is responsible for the lyrics, and Toru is responsible for the music.

One Ok Rock has always been a very collaborative band, and the other members of the band often contribute to the writing process. However, Taka and Toru are the primary songwriters, and the majority of the songs are written by them.

One Ok Rock is a very successful band in Japan, and their songs have been a big part of their success. The band has released eight studio albums, and all of them have been successful in Japan. The band is also very popular in other countries, and they have toured all over the world.

One Ok Rock is a very talented band, and their songs are a big reason for their success. Taka’s lyrics and Toru’s music create a unique and powerful sound that appeals to fans all over the world. Thanks to their hard work and talented songwriting, One Ok Rock is one of the most successful rock bands in the world.

What are ok rock fans called?

What are ok rock fans called? 

This is a question that has many answers, as the term “ok rock fan” is not a well-defined one. In general, it could be said that they are simply called fans of ok rock. However, there are a few more specific terms that could be used to refer to people who enjoy the music of this Japanese rock band. 

Some people who are ok rock fans might call themselves “triggers,” as they are the ones who first got into the band and introduced their friends to it. There are also “ultra triggers,” who are even more dedicated to the band than triggers and attend all of their concerts. “Okie” is another term that is sometimes used to describe people who are fans of ok rock. This is a play on the word “okay,” as it is a shortened form of the band’s name. 

Ultimately, there is no one specific term that can be used to describe all ok rock fans. Each fan has their own unique nickname or term that they use to refer to themselves. So, the best way to find out what they are called is to ask them directly!

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IS One Ok Rock popular in Japan?

In the past few years, Japanese rock band One Ok Rock has been gaining in popularity both in Japan and internationally. The band first formed in 2005 and released their debut album in 2006. They have since released six more albums, toured extensively, and played at major music festivals. So why is One Ok Rock so popular?

One of the reasons the band has been so successful is their unique sound. They mix rock with elements of punk, pop, and emo, creating a sound that is both catchy and powerful. Their songs are also often very emotional, dealing with themes like love, loss, and hope. This makes them resonate with fans, who often connect with the lyrics.

Another reason for One Ok Rock’s popularity is their energetic live performances. The band is known for putting on a show that is both entertaining and powerful. They often get the audience involved in the performance, and their fans are known to be very passionate.

Finally, One Ok Rock has been successful in building a strong online presence. They have a large following on social media, and their music is often streamed online. This has helped them to reach a wider audience and gain a following outside of Japan.

Overall, there are many reasons why One Ok Rock is popular in Japan. They have a unique sound, put on a great live show, and have a strong online presence. Fans are drawn to their emotional lyrics and the band’s passion for music. If you’re looking for a great Japanese rock band to check out, One Ok Rock is definitely a good choice!

How long is a one ok rock concert?

One Ok Rock is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005. The group consists of vocalist Taka, guitarist Toru, drummer Tomoya, and bassist Ryota. They have released eight studio albums, all of which have reached the top 10 on the Japanese Oricon charts, with three reaching number one.

One Ok Rock has achieved global success, performing in over 50 countries and selling more than 10 million records. They are the first Japanese band to perform at Wembley Arena in London and the first to headline a tour in the United States. One Ok Rock’s eighth studio album, Eye of the Storm, was released on February 14, 2019.

How long is a One Ok Rock concert?

One Ok Rock concerts typically last around two hours.