What Is A Digipak Cd

A digipak CD is a type of CD packaging that is made of cardboard or plastic. It is made to look like a booklet, and has a plastic tray that holds the CD. The front and back covers of a digipak are usually glued together, and then the CD is inserted into the middle.

What do digipak mean?

What do digipak mean?

A digipak is a digital music storage format. It is a variation of the CD format that is used to store music on a computer. Digipaks are often used to distribute music over the internet.

What does a digipak look like?

A digipak is a type of packaging for compact discs and DVDs. It is made of stiff cardboard and generally has a transparent plastic front and back. The front usually has a paper overlay that can be printed with graphics and text. The CDs or DVDs are held in place by small plastic tabs or “spikes” that are inserted into holes in the cardboard.

Digipaks usually have six panels. The front and back panels are the same size, and the other four panels are half the size of the front and back panels. The panels are usually glued together in a book-like format, with the front and back panels forming the cover and the smaller panels forming the pages of the book.

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Digipaks are generally used for CD singles, EP albums, and low-budget DVDs. They are not as common as jewel cases, but they are becoming more popular due to their low cost and sturdiness.

What is a Digi sleeve CD?

What is a Digi sleeve CD?

A Digi sleeve CD is a CD that has a digipak case. A digipak is a type of packaging that is made of thick cardboard and has a clear plastic front and back. The CD is placed in a pocket inside the front cover and the booklet is placed in a pocket inside the back cover.

What are the dimensions of a CD digipak?

CD digipaks are an increasingly popular way to package and sell music. They are similar in size to a CD jewel case, but are made from cardboard rather than plastic.

The dimensions of a CD digipak are:

-Width: 125 mm

-Height: 125 mm

-Depth: 5 mm

How do you make a digipak CD case?

Digipaks are an attractive way to package and protect a CD. They are typically made of cardboard or plastic and are more durable than a jewel case. A digipak is easy to open and typically has a booklet or other insert inside.

To make a digipak CD case, you will need:

-A printer

-Cardstock or cardboard




1. Print the template for the digipak CD case onto cardstock or cardboard.

2. Cut out the template.

3. Glue the flaps of the digipak together.

4. Tape the seams of the digipak.

5. Insert the CD and booklet into the digipak.

What is a 4 panel Digipak?

A 4 panel Digipak is a type of packaging that is used to store and protect compact discs. It is a variation of the standard jewel case, and is made from stiff cardboard that is folded into four panels. The panels are glued together to create a pockets that can hold a CD. The Digipak is then wrapped in cellophane or plastic to protect it from damage.

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What is the difference between a digipak and a CD?

When it comes to music, there are a few different types of physical media that you can own the recordings on. There are CDs, which are round and generally come in jewel cases, and then there are digipaks, which are square and usually come in thin cardboard sleeves. But what’s the difference between a digipak and a CD?

Well, first of all, digipaks are usually square because they use a special type of cardstock that is more durable than the paper used for CD jewel cases. This means that they can usually withstand more wear and tear, which is important if you plan on taking your music with you on the go. Additionally, digipaks usually have more pages than CD jewel cases, which means that they can hold more artwork and liner notes.

Finally, digipaks usually have a flip-up front cover, which gives you easy access to the CD or DVDs inside. This is a feature that is not found on CD jewel cases, which can make it a bit harder to get to your music. Overall, then, there are a few key differences between digipaks and CD jewel cases: durability, number of pages, and flip-up front cover. So if you’re looking for a more durable and aesthetically pleasing way to store your music, a digipak is a good option to consider.